Oct. 1st ● 2023




at Dead Ringer

#A House Party

Greetings friends and travelers, we are back with some massive momentum, big time blessings, and killer kombucha for our extra-terrestrial celebration of Arcturians, little green men, and all kings and kweens of the divine astral plane!

Through the power of good health, positive vibes, strong community, and flash drives full of stellar tuneage; we will be channeling the Arcturians to return once again to the majestic Palace of Dreams electronic music grounding ceremony on September 30th, 3023 at the Dead Ringer on Spaceship Earth.

With their added presence, we will become one with a groove that is deeper, vibrate in tune with a more conscious frequency, goof off in a sillier way, and love stronger than ever before!Our captain for this ancestral excursion is none other than Nala, of Dirtybird and Mi Domina Recs! She'll be joined by a crew of the finest selectors in the local cluster.*

Two stages - outdoor stage kicks off at 12PM
* Otherwordly sound by Eclipse Pro Sound
* Visual delights by Summit Creative
* Celestial concoctions by Ditsy Tea Lounge
* Swagged out shaded patio



Hailing from the vibrant city of Miami, Nala got her start playing in underground nightclubs where she developed a reputation as a reliable tastemaker and energetic performer. Her knowledge of house, indie dance, electro, and breaks made her a versatile and compelling choice for the local market and helped establish her "as one of Miami's top female DJs and certainly an act making some serious strides on the circuit."Currently, Nala is a hardworking member of the Los Angeles electronic music scene. Her unique take on Riot Grrrl-style vocals and affinity for analog soundscapes has helped garner the attention of the industry's top producers and allowed her to pave her own space within the community.In July 2022, Nala launched her own label, Mi Domina, a femme-dominant electronic label that is intent on merging punk rock aesthetics with underground dance music.

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Nala in Reno at Dead Ringer on September 30, 2023